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Heartache Blues

This song is by John Hammond and appears on the album Push Comes to Shove (2007) and on the album Timeless (2014).

I got an ache in my heart
Messed up as I can be

I can't take anymore
Sad as I can be

I don't want us to go there
The hotel has got the best of me

She's mean and she's evil
But I work both night and day

I say she's mean and she's evil
You know I work both night and day

You don't just sit tight tonight
Oh, child I'mma make my getaway

I'm goin' back down South
I need a warm welcome that suits my clothes

And I won't stop your new luck, baby
Honey, I don't care where you go

I walk alone, lone
What she done to me?
What she done to me?
You know I'mma find me someone
Lone child, not who I used to be

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