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Winter Cows

This song is by John Gorka and appears on the album I Know (1987).

The cows in the moo yard are making their plans
For the long winter nights and the cold winter hands

Some out in the fields are covered with snow
The black ones turn white and the white ones don't show

Big lamps in the sunset, between bovine dreams
Their icicled udders are waiting for spring

And up from the road comes the sound of the wheel
Just an old ice cream wagon, they say "I know how you feel"

Some dream of India, where their cousins are stars
But they don't like the crowds, so they stay where they are

And some dream of Florida, of roaming the beach
With metal detectors for gold they can reach

Well, what can you do? It's the ice or the flies
The temperature slowing, the tails going by

It's a dairy existence, and I must conclude...
Cold milk in a bottle still beats frozen foods

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