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Time Goes Back

This song is by John Frusciante and appears on the album Shadows Collide with People (2004).

These things'll go slowly by, these things
They'll be where no-one would think
And when given this life
I ought've thanked you all who will take it away
I notice that you're fine
Setting up beside wherever turns a blind eye
Any solemn phase
And you belong at two times at once
My radios, my heart, we live as one, two ways at once
I know the waves I form, I know the way I won't become

These still places that are gone by
Believe they're somewhere else (believe they're somebody else)
Jumping in the mind of a passer-by
And being replaced like times flies
Another wasted flaw
Going up against the endless law
I'm flown through a mirror
Almost disappearing, I glow faintly
You know this is nobodys life
I saw the days I lost hiding behind tomorrows costs

Time going back, time going back
Time going back, time going back
Time going back, time going back
Time going back, time going back

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