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The Battle Of Time

This song is by John Frusciante and appears on the album From The Sounds Inside (2001).

Seems to be away is peachy now
Feel like may be far at all
I've got these clothes to deceive me
I've been lost all along
You've got a mouth that's bigger
I've got a man on the side
You'll see my lie

You've got a town to speak to
You've got rented dye
I drive it around somewhere
Before I was alive
I was alive
You've got a mountain beneath you
You're always known in archives

I'll always have the side
All the times of hate
All around, this is here

You've got a running see-saw (it's me inside)
That's what I heard (it's the battle of time)
I have always felt fine (I know, hey)
I've nothing no-one nowhere

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