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When I Can't Have You

This song is by John Farnham and appears on the album The Last Time (2002).

Every time I look into the mirror
Every time I have to close my eyes
I ask myself is it a sin to be a sinner
If it's only something in my mind
'Cause I know that we could never be
Like we want to be
I'm only make believing
I'm only self deceiving
Tell me how could I
Tell myself a lie
Dreaming is all I do
When I can't have you
Someone else can hold you like I want to
Someone else can really make you cry
Wish I could find a way to make it better
But I know that I shouldn't even try
'Cause I know that we could never be like we want to be
If I could be the only one that you'll come running to
If I could make the past undone I would
Sometimes I feel it's the way you look at me
The way that you do, when you know I can't have you

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