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Exit 39

This song is by John Elefante and appears on the album Defying Gravity (1999).

I started on down the road
Just trying to drive my thoughts away
But I couldn't help remembering
Yesterday and everything in between
It was as real as any image in a Technicolor dream
Or was it my imagination playing tricks on me
Was I losing my mind?
Or was the truth just catching up to me - I don't know
Oh, what did it matter? I just kept driving anyway
A whole lot of baggage and conditions and nothing left to say

Just then I noticed a sign
It read, "Renew your soul through Jesus at Exit 39."
I walked through an open door
And I started to listen
And the words cut right through my soul
This was more than religion
I saw water changed to wine
At Exit 39-down at Exit 39

I hung around for a while just trying to find some explanation
And then a woman said to me, "Don't go searching anymore.
Jesus knew that He'd meet you
When you walked through that door today."

Then I looked back at the sign
It said, "You just gave your life to Jesus at Exit 39."
And for the first time I can open my eyes
And see what I've been missing
All His love and His forgiveness
Was with me all the time
More than just religion
I saw water changed to wine
At Exit 39

I let some time pass me by
I drove up and down that highway
There was no Exit 39
Was it just all in my mind
I believe it wasn't just a vision
'Cause what took place in my heart
Was by faith and not by sight
More than just religion
I saw water changed to wine
At Exit 39-at Exit 39
I saw water changed to wine
Down at Exit 39

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