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John Eddie (1986)Edit

John Eddie - John Eddie
John Eddie
  1. Dream House
  2. Pretty Little Rebel
  3. Hide Out
  4. Just Some Guy
  5. Please Jodi
  6. Cool Walk
  7. Jungle Boy
  8. Stranded
  9. Waste Me
  10. Romance
  11. Buster
  12. Living Doll

The Hard Cold Truth (1989)Edit

John Eddie - The Hard Cold Truth
The Hard Cold Truth
  1. Shake My Faith
  2. Baby's Gone Wild
  3. Swear
  4. When Love Turns Mean
  5. The Pourin' Rain
  6. Payday
  7. Tough Luck
  8. Daddy Said
  9. Run and Hide
  10. In Private

Happily Never After (1997)Edit

Happily Never After
Happily Never After
  1. Did She Ask About Me
  2. Frank Sinatra Said
  3. Ain't That A Rock & Roll
  4. What's Left of My Heart
  5. All Is Forgiven
  6. Truth Of The Matter
  7. Definitely
  8. Fall For It Every Time
  9. Won't Be Me
  10. The Man Upstairs
  11. American Thing
  12. Gettin' Kinda Old(Being Young At Heart)
  13. Ain't Nothin Better
  14. Beautiful
  15. Life Ain't Fair
  16. Lost Along The Way
  17. What's Left of My Heart Lullabye

Who the Hell Is John Eddie? (2003)Edit

John Eddie - Who the Hell Is John Eddie-
Who the Hell Is John Eddie?
  1. If You're Here When I Get Back
  2. Let Me Down Hard
  3. Jesus Is Coming
  4. Family Tree
  5. Low Life
  6. Everything
  7. Place You Go
  8. Nobody's Happy
  9. Shithole Bar
  10. Forty
  11. Play Some Skynyrd
  12. It Doesn't Get Better Than This

Songs from Compilations and SoundtracksEdit

Additional information

Artist information:
  • b.1959
Real name:

John Eddie is a performance name for John Edward Cummings Jr..

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Record labels:

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