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Sweet Reward

This song is by John Doe and appears on the album The Westerner (2016).

He was freshly shorn and the moon was weak and an empty street
Stretched out before him. He was 39 on December 10th with a birthday two weeks away
The train went clickety clickety beneath his feet
And his clothes didn't fit so good anymore
He could see his breath as he rode between the coach and the dining car
Home seemed so far away
But he got there in less than half a day
The world had kept spinning all the time he was gone
But he couldn't say how it had changed

She talked to him quietly and looked him in the eye and said
You can stay as long as you like
He smiled a little smile when she opened the window
And let a little breeze inside
He split two cords of wood and he painted the fence
And he ate good food every day
She got him a job fixing cars for her uncle
He liked getting dirty then getting clean
And when he laid down at night and held to her hand
He thought, this is my sweet reward
This is my sweet relief
This what I waited for
This what I been praying for

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