John Cena:Smackdown 10/31/02 (The First Rap) Lyrics

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Smackdown 10/31/02 (The First Rap)

This song is by John Cena.

Alright stop, collaborate and listen
Ice is back with a brand new proposition
your position is that of a failure
I'm gonna nail you, to Jamie Noble's trailer
and then I dare you, to run around and cause a scare
give people the shakes, and make them to change their underwear
I'm on top, it's my fault that you're under there.
You want to bare? Have no fault, shave you back hair.
I'm fast, I've got to go, it's been a blast
came out of the locker room, stole Rey Mysterio's mask
Tried to get 'taker's cast, but it was plastic, not my type
Peace, I got to go, I'm off to hotwire his bike.

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