John Cena:Smackdown! 11/6/03 (Vs Rey Mysterio) Lyrics

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Smackdown! 11/6/03 (Vs Rey Mysterio)

This song is by John Cena.

The chances of John Cena losing to Rey Mysterio
Thats like Big Show at a buffet orderin' one cheerio.
I'm a box office smash, I'm reloaded like the Matrix
How'm I gonna lose to a midget dominatrix?!
Dude, hey, you can say you are a grown man I just don't believe you
You're a baby I don't know whether to spank you or breast feed you!
Yo forget the 6-1-9; 9-1-1 is your slogan,
I'm about to put a whippin' on the mexican Gary Coleman!
Nah nah nah nah nah yo yo yo yo yo
For real though the mask is kinda cute and the entrance is crazy sick...
But we don't see eye to eye Rey, because your head at my dick!

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