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Smackdown! 11/20/03

This song is by John Cena.

Yo yo yo yo... oh no no, my bad, this is Houston.
You see they got their own slang around here let me start over

Yao Yao Yao Yao Yao Yao Yao!

So Vince, you are stealing my catch phrases, do you love me that much?
John Cena's untouchable you just got nothing to touch
Ask your slut, she's only with you for the money homes
When she's done stealing from you she comes to tickle my funny bones!
Look at you all busted up talking about the P-P-V,
Undertaker beat you blind because you can't see me
You may pay for the show but you standing in my ring
I'll stretch your ass out so much the crowd'll think you are Yao Ming!
Oh ya and you're good for one thing, she taught you how to suck
John Cena's untouchable, you just a stupid F***!

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