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Smackdown! 11/13/03

This song is by John Cena.

It's true, it's damn true, John Cena's the fifth member
I woulda joined Team Lesnar but they're all the wrong gender.
That's why I told them 'helllllll naw!' when they gave me an invitation....
Aint no way I'm gonna join the nation of masterbation!
And Brock's jus a lil' bitch hiding behind them tattoos
but wait... I brought him out a bra so he can cover his man boobs!
And Big Show gained like 500 pounds since last week
It's like them three giant partners are squished between his ass cheeks!
Their whole team is fairies, flyin off to neverland.
They aint gonna beat us dawg, cause they don't know the Method Man!
Yo yo yo yo!
Their whole team is full of chicks, man i'm sick of all of this!
I'm the Docter of Thugonomics, they need a gyne cologist!
Now that Cena's on the roster Team Angle's legit!
Team Lesnar is five oversized pieces of shit!

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