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World of Trouble

This song is by John Campbell and appears on the album One Believer (1991).

I left the station walking. You know this time of night
The buses don't run through the outskirts of paradise
I heard a gunshot. I saw a razor flash
If you don't open your eyes this breath could be your last
There's a whole world of trouble, babe
What's this hatred for?

I don't go near the alley. There's hungry wolves in there
I can hear their stomachs growling from frustration and despair
Siren screams in the distance, another dirty deals gone down
Just an ordinary night on the wrong side of town

I feel a cold wind blowing. It chills me to the bone
My heart is hanging heavy for those folks here with no home
I walk up my steps, turn the lock once more
Shake my head and wonder
What's all this hatred for?

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