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Where There's A Will

This song is by John Cale and appears on the album Caribbean Sunset (1984).

Where there's a will there's a way
That words can convey
That in the heart lies the start of confusion
I didn't mean to offend when I called you my friend
That was my way of saying there's more smoke then fire
So goodbye, goodbye girl
Goodbye, goodbye girl
You could have had it all
Had the world

I hear this in ringing in my ears
The laughter and the tears
I should have known it would be back again
I should have seen it standing in the clear, clear light
In the clear, clear light shining through the darkest heart
That lives in the darkest night

I knew I'd see you again and again and again
Cause your ways are so easy to fathom
You think you life is so empty but it's really so full
All the things you never thought mattered
So goodbye, goodbye girl

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