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Villa Albani

This song is by John Cale and appears on the album Caribbean Sunset (1984).

Sweet deal is going down in the Villa Albani
The deal's being discussed behind closed doors
The ink isn't dried on the paper
The conference is better begun
Handshakes have been rung at the Villa Albani
And the tom goes tom and the tom goes tomtom
And the gun goes gun and the gun goes gungun
And the bomb goes bomb and the bomb goes bombbomb

Winter's closing in around the Villa Albani
Sitting round the fire, getting cold feet
With holy men coming for breakfast
Blood is on the streets, rumours all over town
About the Villa Albani
And the tom goes tom ...

Limousines coming and going
Helicopters are taking off
Nobody's answering the phone
Nobody's picking up the mail
Nobody's getting the door bell
This is a house of failure
Sweet deal is breaking down in the Villa Albani

Happy in the darkest day, happy in the coldest night
When people look out the window to see, what did they see
At the Villa Albani

Rolling up the shutters they're carrying out the files
To the fire in the backyard
They're burning all the books
They're asking questions in town
And then they are going home for good
They are going home to care for their limousines and tanks

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