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This song is by John Cale and appears on the album 5 Tracks (2003).

As I was trying to show you
About the Golden Rule
And what the verses taught you
Turned invisible under the moon
Gambling on the weather
To keep the fever down

It's down

When you wander up behind me
Stepping on my throat
You're in among the shadows
I warned you about
Comfortably measured
By the standards that you set
Apart from the Golden Rule

Da Da La... [wordless chorus by his daughter Eden]

The century is opening
You're the next in line
You stand there and accept it
So fine, so fine

I miss you when I'm with you
And claw the air for breath

It's time
This time
It's time

Dubba Da La... [wordless chorus by his daughter Eden]

(filtered vocal by Cale, w/ trademark screaming)
You said we're not sentimental
But you thought listening was for fools
You saw your chance and you took it
Just blame the Golden Rule

Coal smoke on the city
It's from another age
The scribbling in your notebook
Is soaking with rain

Stumbling on the cobblestones
Mixing with the crowd
Another verse in the Golden Rule

Da Da La... [wordless outro by his daugther Eden]

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