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The Hunt

This song is by John Cale and appears on the album Caribbean Sunset (1984).

When you feel the crush in the streets
And the people in the city
And the walls are closing in on you
You gotta get out of town, get away
Get away for the weekend
Hey hey - hey hey

You find when you get there
You've been dreaming in the city
Dreaming in the city - hey hey
There's a place we found
When they're running with the hounds
Riding in the country
Riding with the hounds
Hey hey - hey hey

In the brisk damn cold morning
The horses are restless
The horses are ready to run
Let them run
Here comes the fox
Here come the hounds
You follow the scent
You follow the blood on the ground
Hey hey

Dreamers, dreamers, dreamers, dreaming of the hunt
Dreamers, dreamers, dreamers, dreaming of the city
Ready to discover the taste of the fight
Ready to do the same and discover the dream of man

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