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Tell Me Why

This song is by John Cale and appears on the album Walking on Locusts (1996).

There's an end to the road that takes you home
There's a way of life you knew before
At the end of the day you will have your rest
You'll find a way
You'll find a way

Don't resist the morning calm
It will keep you safe from harm

The time will come when help is found
You leave behind the things form the past
Though the road is long and hard and the path is wide
We climb it still and seize the skies

It's only a matter of time
It's only a matter of time

The landscape has changed and the mood has gone
Along with the rest we carry on
If you take me back in space in time
I'll let the journey begin and keep it with mine

On this coat of many colours there's a lot of room for others
I see in your face the reason why
You fell from grace and you cannot find
The way from here that leads you back

To the place that you know the best
And its distance from the rest

You tell me why there's a saviour looking on with the weak and the strong, taking us to higher ground

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