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Set Me Free

This song is by John Cale and appears on the album Walking on Locusts (1996).

There's a carnival lady in a ten gallon hat
She pulls a rabbit out of the hat
And sets it free, she sets it free

There's a pigeon in my chimney and it's powdering up the air,
Powdering up the air and making it hard to breathe
Gonna set it free, it's free or fried

Together again, and again
Free again, and again

The lady wants you to dance to the sound of the castanets,
You're trying hard to forget
What she'd mean to you, if she should set you free.

When you walk in the rain up to your ankles in water
Fixated on the vision of the hangman's daughter
And what she'd mean to you, when she'd set you free

Free again, and again
Together again, and again

You hear a noise in the distance and you see the sun go down
The streets are full of junkies, there's a lot of them about
You feel them getting closer, they're breathing down your neck,
You're the only one left, you're the only one left

Who doesn't wanna be free, you don't wanna be free
You never asked to be free again.

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