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Experiment Number 1

This song is by John Cale and appears on the album Caribbean Sunset (1984).

Turn the guitar up

Well, the goodness of your heart, she's crying
Let me out
Well, the goodness of your soul
You say goodbye
Well, there's only meat and dark of a vas
That says goodbye, hello, goodbye, hello, goodbye

Come on yell

And we'll spell all the sweet talk that I hear form you
And those voices can feed me all of the night
When they do, will they know
When they know, when they don't know nothing
When they say that I hurt you once before


They lead a life apart from everybody days in your mind
They like to feel so different when you watch them
Feel like flies
When you feel the night, feel the reason of the day

Do it again

When you see the night, you see the night
She loves the day


Go on, Dave, you trigger a film, it's still sore

Well, she talks too much to know much about anything
Christmas comes, like breakfast, but once a year
She does, seems just tired of living
Like a wall broke around her spell

Give me somewhere else to hold a live for
Give me something better to hope for
They'll give me anything they can
Give me anything you want to hang on to
Hold on, hold

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