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Your Love Amazes Me

This song is by John Berry and appears on the album John Berry (1993) and on the album I Give My Heart (2004).

I've seen the seven wonders of the world
I've seen the beauty of diamonds and pearls
But they ain't nothin baby
Your love amazes me

I've seen a sunset that would make you cry
And colors of a rainbow reachin cross the sky
The moon in all its phases, but
Your love amazes me

Don't you ever doubt this love of mine
You're the only one for me
You give me hope, you give me reason
You give me somethin to believe in
Forever faithfully
Your love amazes me

I've prayed for miracles that never came
Got down on my knees out in the pourin rain
But only you could save me
Your love amazes me

(Repeat Chorus)

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