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Completely Breathless

This song is by Johan Becker.

I see you walking down the street
You smile at everyone you meet
And when you're passing by
I try to catch your eye

I fall in love with how you walk
Into that same old coffee shop
And everyday's the same
And everyday I'm swept away

It might sound crazy But someday
I'll be the one for you
Baby, Baby

Every time I see you,
You leave me completely breathless
And every time I'm near you
You leave me so defenseless
It's the way you drive me wild
I see heaven in your eyes
And when I get that feeling
You leave me completely breathless

So many things I want to say
If I could only find a way
I've tried to work it out
In my mind a thousand times

It might sound...

Every time I see you...

Every time I see you...

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