Joey Tempest:Shady People Lyrics

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Shady People

This song is by Joey Tempest.

Don't walk the wild side
just turn around
Don't flash your money
or make a sound
Don't want for nothin'
just leave it be
Makin contact
is what you don't need

Talkin' 'bout shady, shady people

Now nothin matters
but yourself
Don't draw attention
to no one else
Don't answer questions
just walk straight on
Don't count on safety
until you get home

Talkin' 'bout shady, shady people

They don't want nobody here
so make your way and make it clear
Boy ain't that wild
they just won't run with the crowd

Walk the concreate
look straight ahead
Remember nothin
what noone said
Don't look suspicious
blend right in
as if your alibi is wearin' thin

Talkin' 'bout shady, shady people

Don't think twice before you go
Don't mess with people you don't know
Boy ain't that wild
they just don't run with the crowd
Don't pay no mind
what you see or hear
It's not your claim
Don't interfere
If you made it through once before
Don't come around this place no more

Talkin' 'bout shady, shady people

Hey just don't come round here again
You don't want to be like them

Still ain't that wild
They just won't run with the crowd

Talkin' 'bout shady, shady people