Joey Tempest:For My Country Lyrics

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For My Country

This song is by Joey Tempest and appears on the album A Place To Call Home (1995).

Like a vision
That I keep inside
A memory locked away
No borderlines
No enemies
No religion to betray

I have felt the change
And it hurts me too
That no distance can deny

This is for my country
Still battered and still bruised
I've come to offer all I can
I will fight for you
I will fight for you

You climb a hill
Yet you fall down a mountain
When the truth is hard to face
And envy you
So proud and strong
Still your people you embrace

And I am part of that
What you've given me
I have come to give it back

This is for my country
The spirit of my song
I've seen you suffler long enough
And it's where I belong

It's where I belong
I will keep my word
I will retrify
With all that I am worth

This is for my country
Forever I am bound
With every bit of strength I hold
I'd never let you down
I'd never let you down

It's where I belong