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I Cried

This song is by Joey McIntyre and appears on the album Stay The Same (1999).

Do you remember how,
we'd hold each other tight?
It was all I had to get me through the night.
I can't believe that you are gone.
Everything right it all went wrong.

Do you remember how we kissed?
You said you never felt like this.
I guess I thought it'd never end.
You know that you were my best friend.


I cried,
And I don't care who knows it,
I cried,
I ain't too proud to show it,
I cried,
when you said good-bye,
ooh, baby,
I cried.

I wonder if you ever think of me,
or am I just another distant memory?
And after all, that we've been through,
it's just so hard to give up on you.


I cried, I cried, I cried
When you said,
when you said,
when you said good-bye,
ooh, baby,
I cried.
I cried.

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