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The Life Of A Song (2008)Edit

Joey + Rory - The Life Of A Song

The Life Of A Song

  1. Play The Song
  2. Sweet Emmylou
  3. Tonight Cowboy You're Mine
  4. Cheater, Cheater
  5. Rodeo
  6. Heart Of The Wood
  7. Tune Of A Twenty Dollar Bill
  8. Loved The Hell
  9. Free Bird
  10. Boots
  11. To Say Goodbye
  12. The Life Of A Song

Album Number Two (2010)Edit

Joey + Rory - Album Number Two

Album Number Two

  1. Album Number Two
  2. That's Important To Me
  3. All You Need Is Me
  4. Born To Be Your Woman
  5. Baby I'll Come Back To You
  6. God Help My Man
  7. The Horse Nobody Could Ride
  8. Farm To Fame
  9. Where Jesus Is
  10. You Ain't Right
  11. My Ol' Man
  12. This Song's For You

His And Hers (2012)Edit

Joey + Rory - His And Hers

His And Hers

  1. Josephine
  2. Waiting For Someone
  3. Someday When I Grow Up
  4. Let's Pretend We Never Met
  5. A Bible And A Belt
  6. When I'm Gone
  7. Your Man Love You Honey
  8. Love Your Man
  9. Cryin' Smile
  10. He's A Cowboy
  11. Teaching Me How To Love You
  12. His And Hers

Live and Unreleased SongsEdit

  1. Long Line of Love (cover of "A Long Line Of Love" by Michael Martin Murphey)

Other SongsEdit

  1. Away In A Manager
  2. Can You Duet
  3. If We Make It Through December
  4. It's Christmas Time

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