Joerg Vogeltanz:Illegible, Sonofabitch (For Bunuel) Lyrics

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Illegible, Sonofabitch (For Bunuel)

This song is by Joerg Vogeltanz.

pardon the man
he's only the doctor
step aside
and let a shotgun spit out
who are you?

in my dreams i saw policemen suiciding
in my sleep i held a weapon in my hand
in deepest trance i felt my train back home derailing
it will never bring me back to this white sand

pardon me
because i fear the thinker
inside his head
he slays a soundless chickenbrain
who are you?

give me your watch
you're only phoning with yourself

in my dreams i shall arrive in villalobos
i'm a hunchback sailor coming home from sea
when sun is setting moon will shine forever
life's a dream when you are dreaming me

words: j. vogeltanz 1995