Joerg Vogeltanz:Godmachine (47th Psalm) Lyrics

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Godmachine (47th Psalm)

This song is by Joerg Vogeltanz.

i'm a lifeform-reproducer
i scan your skies for o'zytes
i shoot my load thru time and space

what a pantheistic factory!
the horny spheres call out for me

i am the master plan
i am my species' fame
call me obscene:

i am a godmachine

skyscrapertown, mandala city
is my place to torture saints
beyond the crystal wall they cry
beneath the streets they call me mother

o central me!

i am the master plan
i am my species' fame
i change the scene

i am a godmachine

i pray for a mysterious death
i have to leave like elvis

i am so central

i am the master plan
i am the godmachine

words: j. vogeltanz 1997

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