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This song is by Joerg Vogeltanz.

I catwalked the boulevards
A god without adorers
Dead passengers turned around
And sighed like a strange chorus

But then I passed you and it was cruel
You instantly caught me with your reticule

Faster than sonic speed you impacted
I tried hard to stay upright and correct it
You stopped inside my hurted brain
My boiling blood fell like hard rain

You're a missile
You're a bullet with my name

When you're a victim you lose all disciples
No ambulance there for first-aid supply
Life won't floating out of my distant body
For there is you to help not to die

You're a not removable projectile
I'll have to bear you for a while
Your position's right behind my face
Removing you would be the death

You're a bullet with my name

Words: j. vogeltanz 1997