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I Just Can't Stop Loving You

This song is by Joelle and appears on the album When You Wish Upon a Star (2014).

This song is a cover of "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" by Michael Jackson.
I just want to lay next to you
For awhile
You look so beautiful tonight
Your eyes are so lovely
Your mouth is so sweet
A lot of people
Misunderstand me
That's because they don't
Know me at all
I just want to touch you
And hold you
I need you
God I need you
I love you so much

Each time the wind blows
I hear your voice so
I call your name ...
Whispers at morning
Our love is dawning
Heaven's glad you came ...

You know how I feel
This thing can't go wrong
I'm so proud to say
I love you
Your love's got me high
I long to get by
This time is forever
Love is the answer

I hear your voice now
You are my choice now
The love you bring
Heaven's in my heart
At your call
I hear harps,
And angels sing

You know how I feel
This thing can't go wrong
I can't live my life
Without you

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