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What Would I Do

This song is by Joee.

I haven't herd from you lately
We never went past a day with
Out talking
Now it's like your somewhere else
Wish I knew what its about
We used to hang on to each
Others words
Nobody else existed in our world

'Cause you opened up my life
Showed me paradise
Now I'm giving you this heart until the
End of time

Do you hear me when I tell you that
I love you
Do you listen when I tell you that I
Need you
You're all of my life
Don't leave me without a clue
'Cause I don't know what I'd do
What would I do
(O yeah)

In these four walls there's a thousand
If I close my eyes I can hear you laughing
There's nothing we couldn't do
Was no pretending with you
Some one once told me fate could
Be unkind
I always thought that love was on
Our side

But if you decide to leave and get on
With your life
I promise you this heart until the day I die

So maybe this song is my way of
Getting through
I know there only words
But there words from me to you

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