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Turn to Stone

This song is by Joe Walsh and appears…

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Turn to Stone
Hey now, the well run dry
Pages of your book on fire
Read the writing, on the wall

Hoedown, it’s a showdown
Everywhere you look
we're fighting, hear the call

And you know it’s gettin’ stronger,
It can't last very much longer
Turn to stone

Well there's a change in the wind
You know the signs don't lie
Such a strange feelin’ and I don't know why
Its takin' such a long time

Backyard people and they work all day
Tired of the speeches
And the way that the reasons keep changin'
Just to make the words rhyme

And you know it’s getting stronger,
Can't make ‘em learn much longer
Turn to stone

And you know it’s gettin’ stronger,
Can't last very much longer
Turn to stone

Written by:

Joe Walsh, Terry Trebandt

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