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This song is by Joe Walsh and appears on the album But Seriously, Folks... (1978).

Original video
Tomorrow, makin' a list of things to do
And when I wake up, oh-oh-oh-oh
Gonna cross off a few

There must be millions of reasons
Try and explain, you're never through
When they give you twenty-four hours
Only so much a man can do

Tomorrow, made up my mind
Gonna get busy, come from behind
Today I'm stayin’ right where I am
Break a few rules, make a few plans

There's thousands of things
Keep you from doin’ what you wanna do
And if it isn't this, then it's that
Back where it's at, and you're never through

There must be millions of reasons
Thousands of things, just to name a few
I'm gonna spend the rest of today
Makin' a list of things to do

But I'll do 'em all tomorrow, oh-oh-oh-oh
Tomorrow, oh-oh-oh-oh
It can wait until tomorrow

Written by:

Joe Walsh

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