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Help Me Thru The Night

This song is by Joe Walsh and appears on the album Greatest Hits-Little Did He Know (1997) and on the live album You Can't Argue With A Sick Mind (1976).

Original video
Somewhere along the way I found the meaning
Woke up dreamin' along the way
Never quite seems the same when you awakin',
And makin' up for the time is such a price to pay,
And then they take the dream away, and it just ain't fair

Help me thru the night Mama, help me to ease the pain
Tell me it's alright, help me thru the night once again

That's the danger in pretending
Trying to defend yourself from someone else's war
Don't know what they're fighting for
And they just don't care

So help me to see the light mama, open my eyes again
And tell me it's alright, help me thru the night once again

Would ya help me?
Could ya help me?

Written by:

Joe Walsh

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