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Movin' On

This song is by Joe Purdy and appears on the album Joe Purdy (2001).

No more paintings, no more sunshine
No more lazy days, no more next time
No more fighting, no more love
It'll all be long gone, when you wake up
And I best be movin' on

No more single beds, no more sleepyhead
No more bloody nose, no more twinkle toes
No more blue skies, no more lying eyes
No more bug bites, no more crazy nights
And I best be movin' on

Well I can't tell, I lost my way
But I know that I can't stay

So no more children, running through the fields
No more heartaches, left to be revealed
I'm growing kind of weary, of all this running around
It's time for a little change, I'll put my feet on the ground
And I best be movin' on
And I best be movin' on
Oh I best be movin' on
Movin' on

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