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Twenty One

This song is by Joe Pesci.

Baby you're sixteen. That's not old as it may seem.
A for me I can't believe that it's true.
How a little girl who looks and talks like you,
Is not mistaken more for twenty two.
Looking in your eyes it's so hard to realize,
That you're a girl who's only in her teens.
But as women of the world you are the one
That makes me feel a I'm still twenty one.
What am I gonna do, when a young man calls for you
To take you on to town for some romancing.
What am I gonna say if I'm far away
And he kisses you while you are dancing.
I guess that I'm the one who is rushing all the fun
That you are gonna have throughout the coming years.
Just forgive me for those tries to monopolize your eyes.
It's something every father must get done,
When little girls like you look twenty one.

Happy Birthday Baby.

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