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This song is by Joe Henry and appears on the album Tiny Voices (2002).

Please don't speak another truth out loud
Whatever else you do,
I only want you keep me lost in your cloud
I'll do the same for you.
Don't believe a single thing you've heard
Really, I'm as good as gold.
You don't need to sell me with another word
I'm already sold

If I give in to your open arms
Then you can think the worst of me
For pulling out my weakness like a charm
And making sure you'd see.
Love, when it's defeated, just remember
Can still keep you in its hold.
No need now to tempt me with surrender
I'm already sold

What was that, A lonesome battle cry?
Sweeping in upon us from the rear?
Like a child, I hide my eyes
And think I've disappeared.
Mercy, hope, faith and love and treason
Are trump as long as darkness holds,
I don't need to see the sun, there's no reason
I'm already sold

Written by:

Joe Henry and Joseph Henry

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