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Reckless Child

This song is by Joe Henry and appears on the album Short Man's Room (1992).

Won’t you come and lay with we
let your easy laugh undo
what has risen up to leave
the hole that I have fallen through.

Take the pieces in your hand
and let the shadows cover you,
tell it so I’ll understand
I’ll never ask you if it’s true.

I started where the river bends
and cuts the hills clean in two,
I looked across where all the men
who dream of falling so often do.

When faith grows cold und leaves you to raise
the reckless child that is your fear
maybe then I can repay
the time you’ve kept beside me here.

You’ll go your way, as angels do
one day I'll raise up from my bed,
and if I never hear another word from you
I’ll remember that too as something you once said.

Until that day come stay with me
let the shadows cover you
tell it so I’ll understand
I’ll never ask you if it’s true
— I’ve never much cared what was true.

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