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North Rim Song

This song is by Joe Grass and appears on the album Joe Grass (2004).

I met this girl on the old north rim
She came to me in a bottle of gin
Both sat down and then we drank
For her good deeds, she had been thank'd

Sat right down to a fire in the cold
Talked about all of them stories of old
Then she came back to meet
To tip up the bottle and set me free

The story of walking on holy ground
Is a story it's told has been lost and been found
As I walk over these ticcomore streets
The lady found I've found
And the lady I'm keen

Well she was a girl that could turn your head 'round
Show you discoveries you'd thought that she'd found
Angel of all that's been plucked from the ground
For, a chance that we'd meet would be sweet and profound

We talked all night, with the fire and the cold
About stories we'd made and times on the road
Some that we've bought and some that we've sold
Oh, all that's been lost adrift in the cold

She danced with me
She turned me around
Made me think that it was love that I'd found
Came to find out that I was all wrong
Yeah, I tipped up the bottle
And I found she was... gone

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