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Pump It Up (Remix)

This song is by Joe Budden.

Gimme that beat fool, it's a full time jack move
Don't worry skano ill give it back soon
Just havin' a little fun, wassup my nigga?
S dot collection
Black album comin' soon
Just gonna vent a little bit
Have a little fun with it
Yes yes

Hey nobody dumpin on hove
You ain't in sanitation or sanitarium
What are you crazy jay-z'll bury em
I'll get you drug out the club they have to carry em
Your head bug out I'll raid niggas scared of em
Worry I'm not mike jordan
Of the mic recordin
Hovi baby you kobe, maybe tracy mcgrady
Matter fact you harold miner, jr rider
Washed up on marijuana
Even worse you a pervis ellis
You worthless fella
You ain't no athlete you shawn bradley
I ain't talkin' to nobody in particular
My flow just vehicular homicide whem I'm kicken em
Yes, anybody in my path
Is a car crash waitin to happen
Nigga what?
I got my foot on the door
On the post of this rap game and I ain't lettin up
Yeah whos the nicest life of lifeless mic devices
And I don't write this I just mic this
I will it to happen
One take hove I'm real in this rappin'
My new name is just the facts
While the rest of y'all just adjust the facts
Put words together, just to match
I say what I feel y'all adjust to that
I do the opposite of y'all so I just attract
The realer audience usually unjustly black
Know my flow and the shit they go just match
Like the sound of my voice and a choice just track
I just tackle the something the flack of the public
Nothin', I know real niggas happen to love it
If you don't like it or look in the mirror
Most likely you ain't livin' so you don't get it
You ain't did it so you can envision it
The picture I'm paintin ain't vivid
The language I'm spittin' is so foreign to ya
She was starvin a dude to ya
Growin' up hard in a little apartment illude to ya
I'm just talkin' to ya

(Joe budden)

Gimme that beat fool
It's a full time jack move
Fine jay web said take it back dude
Its hot
Minute or to we play ball now
Listen I'm just havin' some fun

Part in the future
Sing the track now
Spend a good week hova
You can bring it back now
All these rappers is cookin crack now
Took the realness out the game its time to put it back in
The fans finally got it understood they just gappin
While joeys in the hood like madden

Success is wrapped up
Checks just rack up
Everybodys a killer but the deaths don't add up
Everybodys a hustler but the money ain't comin' in
Y'all is it just my math sucks? nah
Time I'm a super stuck cheat they wealth
Everybodys so scurred to just be they self
And the base and your boys get found like the cool
So we could sound like loon or pound like boom
Don't end up a dead man for the cheddar
The way to play is joey in *Def Jam Vendetta* for real
On your pro two blues and don't be shocked
Open the booth door we be like old school move it
Ain't goin' to be a tray fee jay-z they be murdered
Joey the future I'm more like dirt
Anybody buyin respect me
Try and wet me
Y'all dudes will never make it
You're a Tyus Edney
I'm a standout like Yao Ming
I'm what's sparkin now
Like fallback Shaq
I'm startin now
Boys poppin' it toys poppin' spit
I'm not from round these parts I'm Stojakovic
Let me hear your man say I'm the Jordan of rappin'
He's gettin' fatigued girlie his scorin is lackin
Legacy is gettin' ruined and you don't want that
So pretty much learn from him
Don't come back
And rap is gettin' wag top
G's are steppin
Cause you are not that hot
Don't believe the yes men
It ain't about whos better than uh
It's so evident
They hard to be real with no evidence
And I ain't comin' at jay
'Cause hes the greatest dreamer
But he already laid the way
I'm just layin my seed in
Not the same way I was
Dude I'm done drivin' now
I'm in your 745 plus 2
Don't have your label call mine
No extracurricular
Rappers is all girls who is extraparticular
Seen many men with the jade
Next time you listen to many men ill make sure you relate
Only jay coulda came
Just blazed it like me
Everybody else chills
Just glazed kid agree
Packin a mackin in the back of an acura no
Flappin the gat we be rappin' the caddy but naw
What you want punk
Double clip pump
Ride by slump forth cocked playa on top
Hater warm rock with his teeth toes wrapped
With the brand new savior of east coast rap
Don't worry yo I'll bring the east coast back
No parties this ain't a movie but meet joe black
Tryin' to relate to it I just speak those facts
If you was in the front now your seat goes back
What the deallin
Like new york been soft since bin laden came through and crushed the buildings
Kinda restore the feelin' this is to be continued
I'm just speakin' through ya

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