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It Won't End

This song is by Joe and appears on the album Better Days (2001).

my my my my
Verse 1
All this space
It really don't give no room
Cuz my mind is crowded with these lonely thoughts
And it all has do with you
Now i been here and i been there
Even told my friends I didn't care
Thats when it all hit me
That you would never forgive me

Now i'm living
In a house where love coulda been
My dreams only lasted for the moment
But the pain doesn't and it keeps going and going
Now i found out
Some things in life just don't work out
Gotta get myself together
Cuz your gone now
But the pain don't and it keeps going and going

Verse 2
No regrets
But i can't get myself confused
So these pictures on the wall have to come down
I'm already in a messed up mood
Now loves been warm and its been cold
But i've never had a heartbreak to the soul
Thats when it all hit me
That you would never forgive me

Repeat Chorus

Nothing ain't right
Tryne be strong
But I can't
Another whole day
Without you in my life
I really don't think you understand (x2)

Repeat Chorus

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