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Everybody's Somebody's Fool

This song is by Jody Miller and appears on the album Queen Of The House (1965).

(Everybody's somebody's fool)
The tears I've cried for you could fill an ocean
But you don't care how many tears I've cried
And though you only leave me on and hurt me I couldn't bring myself to say goodbye
Cause everybody's somebody's fool everybody's somebody's plaything
And there are no exceptions to the rule yes everybody's somebody's fool

I've told myself it's best that I forget you
Though I'm a fool at least I know the score
If darling I'd be wise to do without you it hurts but I come running back for more
Cause everybody's somebody's fool...

Someday you'll find someone you really care for
And if her love should prove to be untrue
You'll know how much this heart of mine is breaking
You'll cry for her the way I cried for you
Cause everybody's somebody's fool...

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