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Prayers For Famliy

This song is by Jodi Benson.

This house is blessed
By God above,
Each room is filled
With His love.
It wraps around us
Night and day,
And protects us
Come what may.
Thank you, God above,
For your never-ending love.
Lift up your head and sing,
Blessed is the lord our king.
He rules with kindness and
With care;
He teaches us how to share.
Lift up your head and sing,
Blessed the lord our king.
You made the moon and
Stars that come out at night;
You made the sun and its
Golden light.
You made birds with wings
So they can fly;
You made the clouds
That fill the sky.
You made me and famliy
We thank you, god,
In all we say and do.
My famliy and I thank you,
God, for summer, fall, winter
And spring.
And we thank you
For the surprises they bring.
Summer heats both the day
And night,
Fall brings such a colerful
Winter blankets the land
With snow,
Spring covers the feilds with
Flowers wherever we go.
No matter what the seasons
We lift our voices to God
And sing.
Thank you for caring,
Protecting, loving, and
Each and every day,
Thank you, Lord, I say.
Thank you, God, for taking
And making a world where we
Can share.
Hugs and kisses with those
We love,
And with you, our God above.
Thank you for making the
Land, sun, and seas.
Thank you for making the
Grass, flowers, and trees.
Thank you for making
Animals (both big and small),
And thank you for making
My family most of all.

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