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Just A Little Love

This song is by Jodi Benson and appears on the Disney soundtrack The Little Mermaid: Splash Hits (1992).

Poor little frightened baby
(Flounder: Baby?)
Wandering on your own
You've been through a lot
Haven't you, Spot?

Ariel: Poor Spot, where's your mother, where's your family?

Everyone needs a family
No one should be alone
Now Flounder and me
We're gonna be
The family you've never known

Ariel: We have to take him home with us
Flounder: We have to - WHAT
Ariel: Oh, Flounder, can't you see?

Just a little love
And he'll be good as new
In just a little while
Watch a smile come shining through

He's just a little scared
He needs a friend today
He needs a little love
How can I turn away?

Ariel: He's singing! He sounds just like you
Flounder: Kinda
Ariel: See, he likes you! You'll be his big brother
Flounder: I don't want to be his big brother! I don't want to be his midnight snack, either. It won't work, Ariel
Ariel: Yes, it will

Just a little love
That's how you begin
Showing him you care
Being there to tuck him in

Helping him to grow
Each and every day
Just a little love...
Can go a long, long way...!


Written by:

Jack Feldman and Tom Snow

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