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Daring to Dance

This song is by Jodi Benson and appears on the Disney soundtrack The Little Mermaid: Splash Hits (1992).

Oh, Sebastian!
Who says that my dreams
Have to stay just my dreams?
Oh, to dance would be grander than grand...
With those -- what's-it-called -- slippers
Fit on my flipper
Could I twirl like they twirl up on land?

I'd dance night and day
To what they say is ballet
In a whoozit that's not too-too tight
I wish I hope I might

Find something inside
To show me how I can start
Living the songs
The songs I sing in my heart

Dreaming my dream
Dancing my dance
I've gotta try without wondering why
I must take a chance
Something inside
Is daring to dance

Listen closely you'll hear
Music dance in your ears
Look, a song you can see with your eyes
We're all in the sea
With our own way to be
But we'll never know till we try

'Cause it's more than the voice that's singing the song
It's more than the tales that can dance
That'll make our dreams come true...

It's something inside
That tells you how you can start
Living the songs
The songs you sing in your heart

Dreaming your dream
Dancing your dance
Gotta try without wondering why
We must take a chance

Something inside
Is daring to try
Daring to sing...
Daring to dance...!

Daring to si-i-i-i-ing...
Daring to da-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-nce!

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