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Good Luv

This song is by Jodeci and appears on the album The Show, The After Party, The Hotel (1995).

(Speaking) You know we gonna flip it up just a little bit for y'all, so you all know

Somethin' mighty different
You know, you know, know, know, know yeah
You know, you know, you you know, yeah

In the morning
When I open up my eyes
I still be feelin' high
From the love you gave last night girl

But I still try
To get it up wit my friends
But they just think I'm crazy, oh
No more do I fit in, girl

They all be standing round
Smokin' all day
But I just get a hit or two
But I just don't feel the same, girl

I know that I'll be me
In you any day
There's only one thing I have to say

You give good luv in the morning
Or late at night
Every second to minute it gets me high
Good luv in the morning
Or late at night
It's amazing how our luv could feel so right

Yes it's just a habit
I feel I have to have it
Every time I see you girl
You know I'm gonna grab it
And yes I do admit it
Nothing can get wit it
When it comes to feelin' good
Your love is so addictive
Yes I do get my drink on
And I do have my fun
When it comes to love
I gotta get some of your good luv
So I turn to you
'Cause no one else can do what you do
Girl you're so good, Oh yeah

I need your luv girl
'Cause when I'm not with you
I just feen for the things you do
I'm in my own world
'Cause girl I'm crazy for you
'Cause your luv is always true

You give good luv
You give good luv
You give good luv
And that's all I do
'Cause I'm strung out on You

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