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Forever My Lady

This song is by Jodeci and appears on the album Forever My Lady (1991).

whoah-oooo yeah

Forever 3x

So you're having my baby
And it means so much to me
There's nothing more precious
Raise a family
IF there's any doubt in your mind
you can count on me
I'll never let you down
Lady believe in me


You & I
We'll never fall apart
You & I
We knew that from the start - Baby
The day
We fell so far in love
Now our baby is born
Healthy and strong
Now i dream are reality


Forever My Lady-ooo yeah
It's like a dream-oooo
I'm holding you close
You keeping me warm-oooo
If this is extasy
(Forever my lady)
Forever my lady-ooooo
I say thats what i mean
Forever and ever
I pray that's what it seems

Can you picture my lady
This empty scene
There's no me or no you
What will we do
An awful sight to me
If I ever lose you
Tell me where would i go
Life would have no meaning
And I pray that you always
Stay with me-yeah


You & I
Would never fall apart-yeahyeahyeah
You & I
We knew that from the start - yeah baby
The day
We fell in love so far
Now our baby is born
Healthy and strong
And now i dream for reality

Sing Chorus

Sing Hook

Forever My Lady
Forever my lady
Said i pray every night baby
Forever my lady
And everyday of the week
It's like a dream-yeaahhhh

Im holding you close
You keeping me warm.....(fading)

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