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This song is by Jodeci and appears on the album Diary Of A Mad Band (1993).

Hit me
All the chronic in the world couldn't mess with you
You are the ultimate high
U know what I'm saying baby

Take my money, my house and my car
For one hit of you
You could have it all baby, baby
Cause making love, every time we do
Girl its worse than drugs,
Cause I'm an addict of you
And you know that I


I can't leave you alone
You got me feenin. feenin, feenin
(Got me going crazy)
I can't leave you aloooone
You got me feenin, feenin
Girl Im feenin for you

Said Im feenin for you

I don't have a mind, Its all blown on you
Girl Im so strung out, all I do is reach for you
So tomorrow, if you're not here
Then girl Im down, so I need you near
I just wanna make it through the night
So hold me tight,
Then girl Im alright

*Chorus* (Repeat twice)

Lady Im hooked on you
There is nothing else Id rather do
Spend my last dime
(All of my money)
For a drop of your time
Surely girl without a doubt
You know you got me strung out
And I need you more and more
Cause you are my joy,
You got me feenin

*Chorus* (Repeat 8 times)

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