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Can You Feel It (Rock It Don't Stop It)

This song is by Jocelyn Enriquez and appears on the album Jocelyn (1997).

(Can you feel it?)
I can feel it

We worked so hard all week from 9 to 5
But when the weekend comes it's time to come alive
Just take some time to set your mind and body free
We'll have a good time and be who we wanna be
I ain't gonna wait no more
And I ain't gonna work now that's for sure
All I'm gonna do right now is party (yo, yo, yo)

(When the weekend comes around)
I wanna be with all my friends
(As the DJ breaks it down)
All I wanna do is dance
(I wanna dance the night away)
Can you feel it?
(Party 'til the break of day)
Can you feel it?
(Everybody, come along)
C'mon, just throw your hands up high
('Cause when I hear my favorite song)
I wanna reach into the sky
(There's a party on tonight)
Can you feel it?
(Dance until the morning light)
Can you feel it?
(Ah yeah)
I can feel it
(Throw your hands in the sky, wave 'em high, wave 'em high)
I can feel it

So many people try to break us everyday
Do what you like, who cares what other people say
You got one life to live, go on and do your thing
This is your chance to shine, so party people sing...

C'mon throw your hands up high
Keep 'em reaching 'til you touch the sky
All I wanna do right now is party (yo, yo, yo)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Hands up high)
(Touch the sky)
(Hands up high)

When the weekend comes around
As the DJ breaks it down
I wanna dance the night away
(Can you feel it?)
Party 'til the break of the day
(Can you feel it?)
Everybody, come along
'Cause when I hear my favorite song
There's a party on tonight
(Can you feel it?)
Dance until the morning light
(Can you feel it?)

Gonna rock it don't stop it
Gonna rock it don't stop
(repeat 7 times)

Ah, yeah

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