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A Star Is Born

This song is by Jocelyn Brown and appears on the compilation Now That's What I Call Disney (2011).

Gonna shout it from the mountain tops
A star is born
It's a time for pulling out the stops
A star is born

Honey, hit us with a hallelu
The kid came shining through
Girl, sing the song
Come, blow your horn
A star is born

He's a hero who can please the crowd
A star is born
Come on everybody, shout out loud
A star is born

Just remember in the darkest hour
Within your heart's the power
For making you
A hero too

So don't lose hope when you're forlorn
Just keep your eyes upon the skies
Every night a star is
Right in sight a star is
Burning bright a star is born


Written by:

Menken Alan; Menken Alan Irwin; Zippel David Joel

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